SiteInfo Content



The content of each SiteInfo Report can vary depending on the size and scale of the property and relevant information to be reported. See some sample reports below.

Typical content of a SiteInfo Report is outlined below:

Property Details

Street Address and Lot/DP Details

Local Government Area

Lot Size and Street Frontage Width

Planning and Environmental Considerations

LEP Zoning, Minimum Lot Size, Floor Space Ratio, Maximum Building Height

Heritage Status

Flood Prone Land

Topographic Contours

Waterways and Riparian Land

Potential Acid Sulfate Soils

Terrestrial Biodiversity

Scenic Protection

Bushfire Prone Land

Water and Sewer locations


Currently, SiteInfo is only available for properties in NSW.

Sample Reports to Download

Sample 1 (pdf)


Sample 2 (pdf)


Sample 3 (pdf)